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Slimy Grimy was founded in 1972 by John and Doreen Grimes of Pittsburgh, PA as a boat bottom detergent and has expanded into the impossible stain and grime remover and cleaner for boats, cars, motorcycles, RVs, homes and more. The Slimy Grimy family of products has earned a reputation for cleaning impossible stains including algae, rust, tarnish and orange oxide on all types of surfaces. The name has become so well known that consumers everywhere in the USA and Canada are asking for the products at their local hardware and marine stores.

A USA Corporation since 1977, Slimy Grimy’s distribution facility is located in Hempstead, Texas. Slimy Grimy manufacturers its impossible stain and grime removing products at its facility in Hempstead, Texas. We pride ourselves on our incredibly effective products, our customer-focus, and our large following of satisfied customers.

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Customers call us all the time to ask questions and share their stories. We are always happy to answer questions, and we love to share our knowledge and provide tips. So, contact us by phone or email to request specific information or place your order.


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